Rishi Omkara

After decades of self-loathing behavior and attempts at burying past pains, I finally decided it was time for change. At just 22, I was crashing on someone else’s couch with no job, no car, no drive and no passion. I was slowly and comfortably falling into a simple state of physical existence, without actually living or being mentally, emotionally or spiritually present. Depression and discouragement begins to set in as I coast effortlessly through my days, doing my best to avoid substantial situation or conversations. It wasn’t until I decided to reconnect with The Most High (God/Source), My Higher Self (Spirit/Soul) and make the choice to break generational habits/thinking that my life changed for the better. There was a shift in consciousness, an upgrade to my DNA codes and activation of my Aura, which spiraled me into the abyss of self-knowledge and ancient wisdom. My purpose became clearer, I created goals and accomplished them, and my dream life is currently manifesting my frequencies, as I’ve learned to master the Energetic Signature I stamp on this realm.

     Remember, your wounds may not be your fault, but your healing is your own responsibility.